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What We Do

MorVest Capital is the bridge between deserving operators in the mortgage space and optimal liquidity solutions from lenders & investors.

  • Many mortgage bankers have retained MSR in recent years and Morvest provides an unmatched menu of services to these companies:
    • Portfolio valuation and other MSR analytics utilizing state-of-the-art tools.
    • MSR brokerage services with an emphasis on superior service and best execution in the context of both pricing and matching of counterparties.
    • MSR financing, both revolving sublimits of warehouse lines and term loans, through our exclusive relationship with a large regional bank.
    • Advisory services relating to retention strategies and achieving capital gains treatment of MSR sale proceeds.
  • As a principal investor and capital manager, we originate, underwrite and asset manage all of our investments, while providing superior investment analysis and financial reporting to our clients.
    • Purchase of participations in MSR loans.
    • Placement of mezzanine capital for mortgage bankers with proven business models, strong management teams and consistent earnings histories.
    • We also provide clients with other strategic advisory services, including:
      • Serving as advisors to buyers of MSRs and mortgage companies.
      • Valuation of mortgage companies to assist buyers/sellers or to support issuance of equity, attorneys in litigation or estate planning needs.